Climate Change Scenario for the Philippines

Climate Change is likely to adversely affect the Philippines whose economy is heavily dependent on agriculture and natural resources.  Knowledge of possible future climate will enable decision-making on adaptation measures and strategies both at national and local level.  It is therefore vital that we are able to determine future climate change studies.

In this study, PAGASA used the PRECIS (Providing Regional Climates for Impact Studies) Regional Climate Model for the main dynamical downscaling technique to generate climate change scenarios for 43++ provinces.  This model gives a better resolution of the local land-surface properties, such as topography, coasts and vegetation through a better resolution of atmospheric dynamics and processes.


(Fact Sheet 1 -- HadCM3QO A1B - in PDF format)


(Fact Sheet 2 -- ECHAM4 A2 - in PDF format)


Climatology and Agrometeorology Division (CAD)
Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA)