Gale Warning
Issued at: 5:00 PM TODAY , 21 August 2018
Gale Warning # 2

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Dams Water Level Update
As of 6 AM, 26 SEPTEMBER 2017

General Flood Advisories - Regional
Issued as of 7AM 07 August 2017

Daily Basin Hydrological Forecast
Issued 21 FEBRUARY 2017

Monthly Climate Assessment and Outlook

Issued: 05 June 2017

Monthly Rainfall Forecast
RAINFALL FORECAST  (October 2017 - March 2018) 
UPDATED: 20 September 2017 (next update October 2017)

Regional Rainfall Forecast
Issued: 20 September 2017
Valid for: October 2017 - March 2018
Farm Weather Forecast and Advisories
ISSUED              : 8AM, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 7, 2017
FWFA:  N0. 17-251

Ten-Day Regional Agri-Weather Information
DEKAD NO. 25 SEPTEMBER 1-10, 2017

The weather systems that will affect the whole country are southwest monsoon, intertropical convergence zone (ITCZ) and low pressure area (LPA).
Seasonal Climate Outlook
Issued:  06 July 2017
FOR July - December 2017

Astronomical Diary
Issued for July 2018
A Total Lunar Eclipse will occur on July 28 and will be visible in the Philippines.

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Issued 06 July 2017
Climate Monitoring and Prediction Section (CLIMPS)
Climatology and Agrometeorology Division

                                         SEASONAL CLIMATE OUTLOOK
                                             JULY - DECEMBER 2017


El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO)-neutral condition is present in the tropical Pacific. Sea surface temperatures (SSTs) have increased since May but remained within the neutral state. Latest analyses and most climate models suggest that this warm ENSO-neutral condition will likely continue during the remainder of the year.

July- September 2017

Warm ENSO-neutral condition is likely to prevail during the season.

The normal climate pattern during these months are characterized by widespread and heavy rainfall affecting the western sections of Luzon and Visayas since this is the peak of the Southwest (SW) monsoon season or "Habagat". Likewise, tropical cyclones are more active during this period with average tracks mostly located over the northern part of the country which could enhance the SW monsoon. Rain-causing weather systems such as thunderstorms, inter-tropical convergence zone (ITCZ), low pressure areas (LPAs), SW monsoon and six (6) to nine (9) tropical cyclones will dominate the season. However, breaks in the monsoon events are also expected to occur as the ridge of the North Pacific high pressure area (HPA) extends towards the country, giving warm and sunny weather in some affected areas.

Rainfall condition is predicted to be above normal in the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR), Region I and Batanes. The rest of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao will likely receive near normal rainfall during the season. In general, surface air temperatures are expected to be slightly warmer than average in most parts of Luzon and Mindanao but slightly cooler than average in the Visayas.

Gradual recession of rains associated with the SW monsoon is expected during the later part of September and the start of the transition period from the SW monsoon to the Northeast (NE) monsoon season is expected.

October - December 2017

ENSO-neutral conditions are still expected to continue as predicted by majority of climate models.

The period covers the first half of the NE monsoon season. The weather systems likely to influence the country are the easterlies, ITCZ, easterly wave, LPA, ridge of HPA, tail end of the cold front, NE monsoon and three (3) to five (5) tropical cyclone occurrences. Tropical cyclones originating from the northwestern Pacific Ocean tend to move in a westerly direction, with average tracks across central and southern Luzon and secondary tracks over Visayas and Northern Mindanao.

For October-November-December season, generally near normal rainfall conditions are expected over the entire country. However, monthly rainfall distribution suggests that in October, western Luzon will likely receive below normal rainfall while the rest of the country may experience near normal rainfall condition. For November and December, near to above normal rainfall condition is expected in most areas of the country. Furthermore, surface air temperatures are predicted to be slightly warmer than average during the season.

PAGASA will continue to closely monitor these climate conditions and regular updates and advisories shall be issued as appropriate. Concerned agencies are advised to take precautionary measures to mitigate the potential adverse impacts of the "Habagat" season which may cause flood and landslides over vulnerable areas of the country. For further information, please contact the Climatology and Agrometeorology Division (CAD) at telephone numbers 434-0955 or 435-1675.


Acting Administrator


Seasonal Outlook was based from forecasts made in July 2017. Monthly updates are being made (please refer to Monthly Climate Assessment and Outlook issued monthly).





It has come to the attention of the Office of the Administrator of PAGASA that a certain person has been using the name of Dr. Vicente B. Malano to solicit money from the contractors of PAGASA.

Dr. Malano wishes to inform the public that he has not authorized anyone to solicit money on his behalf and to warn everyone against dealing with unscrupulous activities of certain individuals.

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