Gale Warning
Issued at: 5:00 PM TODAY , 09 April 2018
Gale Warning # 7 (Final)
For: moderate to strong WINDS ASSOCIATED WITH NORTHEASTerly windflow.

Gale Warning in PDF file

Dams Water Level Update
As of 6 AM, 26 SEPTEMBER 2017

General Flood Advisories - Regional
Issued as of 7AM 07 August 2017

Daily Basin Hydrological Forecast
Issued 21 FEBRUARY 2017

Monthly Climate Assessment and Outlook

Issued: 05 June 2017

Monthly Rainfall Forecast
RAINFALL FORECAST  (October 2017 - March 2018) 
UPDATED: 20 September 2017 (next update October 2017)

Regional Rainfall Forecast
Issued: 20 September 2017
Valid for: October 2017 - March 2018
Farm Weather Forecast and Advisories
ISSUED              : 8AM, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 7, 2017
FWFA:  N0. 17-251

Ten-Day Regional Agri-Weather Information
DEKAD NO. 25 SEPTEMBER 1-10, 2017

The weather systems that will affect the whole country are southwest monsoon, intertropical convergence zone (ITCZ) and low pressure area (LPA).
Seasonal Climate Outlook
Issued:  06 July 2017
FOR July - December 2017

Astronomical Diary
Issued for April 2018
The Lyrids meteor shower has been observed for more than 2,600 years...

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A new forecast product that could be integrated by the agriculture sector in decision-making for the benefit of farmers and rice production in the country; Produced in the context of tailoring climate information for agricultural risk management applications;

Useful for other stakeholders (e.g., salt industry) for drying / and for agricultural produce predisposed to damage (post-harvest activities).

Dry day here is defined as a day with < 1 mm of rain (being issued February - April)

Wet day here is defined as a day with > or = 1 mm of rain (being issued May - January)

October 2017

Issued: 20 September 2017
WD (1).JPG

November 2017

Issued: 20 September 2017
WD (2).JPG


Issued: 20 September 2017
WD (3).JPG

January 2018

Issued: 20 September 2017
WD (4).JPG

February 2018

Issued: 20 September 2017
WD (5).JPG

March 2018

Issued: 20 September 2017
WD (6).JPG

Regional Dry Day Forecast

drytable (1).JPGdrytable (2).JPG


It has come to the attention of the Office of the Administrator of PAGASA that a certain person has been using the name of Dr. Vicente B. Malano to solicit money from the contractors of PAGASA.

Dr. Malano wishes to inform the public that he has not authorized anyone to solicit money on his behalf and to warn everyone against dealing with unscrupulous activities of certain individuals.

payong pagasa on android The latest version of the official PAGASA app can now be downloaded on Google play store

Weather Division is now  ISO 9001:2008 Certified
Proof has been furnished by means of an audit that the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 are met.

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